Unit 2

Practice making an enquiry and booking accomodation

Dear sir,

I would like to require a conference room with a large room as there are 30 people attending the conference for the nights of August 18 th to the 26 th.

I would very much appreciate to have electric sockets for an overhead projector and a screen.

Could you please confirm that there will be buffet facilities.

Your faitfully,

M. irsan. M


Active and passive voice



  1. You have no paid
i. Your bill has not been paid
2. I will pick ii. He will be picked up at 07.00 hrs.
3. The board didn’t show iii. Not immediate interest was shown by the board
4. We cannot find any record for this account. iv. No record found of this account
5. we will have to cut salary v. Salary cuts will have to be made and holidays shortened.
6. We have made a mistake and incurred a loss. vi. A mistake and incured a loss have been made by our
     7. You have overdraw account.
We have made arrangements to forward a                       statement
vi. Your account has been overdrawn to the extent of            Rp.187\. arrangements have been made to have a statement   forwarded to you so that tour exact position can be checked.

Contoh Letter of refusal

Ms. Any
President of Writer’s Association
122, St. Pettersburg

Dear Ms. Any,

I am really honored to receive an invitation to become a member of your prestigious Association. I am greatly thankful to you and the other members of the Association to give me such an honorable offer.

I understand that being part of your Association would require me to put in my quality time and effort which I am quite willing to. However, I am already committed to various projects for more than a year and hence, I will not be able to do justice as a member of the Association. I respectfully request you to look for another person who is worthy to be a member of your Association.

Best Wishes for the Future.


Isabella Courtier

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